Special Offers – RentaDog Program

For Big Donors who feel the BF Sanctuary is really a wonderful place for them, an annual donation of $5,000/year will let you pick out any dog you like. He (or she) will remain at the Sanctuary and be a friend waiting for your occasional visits. No need to worry about some poorer people adopting them. Let your special friend have the best of the best.

You know that BF just has to be the best of the best, since even our local Kane County doesn’t even have a shelter and other local shelters are dirt-poor as we keep all your donations to ourselves. Just let us know when you’re coming, (not too often, we hope) so we can clean up and update his walking and exercise record.

So, what happens if somebody does try to adopt your dog? Well, first, we’ll try to keep the dog off our adoptions page. Sometimes, though, nasty people make a fuss on that and we may have to add them there. If potential adopters do ask, however, we tell them that another adoption is currently pending. That puts off most of them, but if not we will just stall until they run out of time and have to leave.

Better grab this offer while it’s available, as our dog population is rapidly shrinking. Since we all know how “supply and demand” works, that may drive up the price.

Since so many people have not heard of this, we decided to start advertising it from our Best Friends Magazine, March/April 2009, on page 66. Of course, we couldn’t say all of the above there, but you’ll notice the extra hints with the description under My Best Friend Membership.

If you give us a call we’ll be glad to relate all of the other privileges that come with this. In addition to all of the above, you will also get special VIP treatment when you may visit. We will even have a caregiver personally guide and assist you with your special friend. As our excess population decreases, they will have even more time to make your visits as pleasant as possible.

Sorry, no quantity discounts.


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An animal lover and one of many "exfrienders" who previously supported Best Friends Animal Society.
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