The $50,000 Dog

Now that Madoff’s been sent to jail, BF has decided to replace his Ponzi Scheme with their own Bait-and-Switch. Due to its tremendous success, this is another follow up to the RentaDog Program, which was explained in Special Offers – RentaDog Program

With all the furor about the death of Bonita and other issues, and with the brand new censoring of all their News Blogs, Best Friends has lost hundreds of donors over the past few months. So many of these have turned their donations to their local shelters, that several of the shelters have actually called into BF to thank them for all the donors.

A brief digression on those donors calling into BF. The latest story is that all of those nasty postings are lies that come from only one single person, using many names. He used to work for BF, but was fired. He has severe mental problems and BF did all that they could do to try to have him get some help. He is now bitter and saying anything that he can dream up about BF.

Now, there was a person sorta like that. Except that he wasn’t fired, he quit. Except that most of the nasty postings are coming from about a half-dozen other former BF people. Except that at least one still works there. Except that we have not found to be false, and BF has never directly denied, anything that these nasty people have said there.

So, back on topic: What to do about all the lost money?

Since truth is not in their lexicon, BF has focused on publicity and new programs to bring in money. And, this time they intend to aim higher! Many of those hundreds of lost donors were only small fish, so who really cares? Let’s aim instead for the big guys. After all, this is supposed to be a money-making machine and business is business.

Well, if you carefully look back at RentaDog you will see BF’s ad stating “As the sole sponsor for an animal…”. However, with some adequate censoring, who the heck will really know? And since those paying for a special My Best Friends Membership need to get frequent reports on their special friend, stacking them up means a single report can just be emailed to many people. Just think of the labor saved there. And no need to bring in more dogs to fill all the empty runs if they can just keep a minimum number of dogs and keep selling them again and again…

With all the security around this, it’s hard to find and confirm facts. So, we focused on only a very few popular dogs, who had had a lot of public visibility. That gave us a bingo on dear, sweet Theresa. It seems that a full TEN donors have been sold the same package here. They all get to hear about her great adventures at the BF Sanctuary, while poor Theresa just sits there and hasn’t even been out in the past week.

Well, sometimes a really good idea goes further than you ever imagined. This program is bringing in so much money they BF has not only made up for all the lost (little fish) donors, but they may yet reach a new high in donations. And with BF’s now complete censoring few people will learn of this.


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