Censoring the News

For some time now, BF has deleted any posts they didn’t like on their forums. However, they have been unable to do this on the News Blogs. It seems that, every few news stories, BF sticks their foot in their mouth again. People start asking about missing details or history. They want to know just what’s true and what’s been omitted.

Today, for the first time, BF has deleted dozens of posts on many of their news articles. In response, some have brought this out and suggested that donors start calling BF to protest the censoring. The deletions seem to have stopped for the moment, but we do not know what tomorrow will bring.

If you feel strongly about that issue, you can reach Best Friends at 435-644-2001. Extension 4537 for the Welcome Center. Let them know what you thing about censoring.


About exfriender

An animal lover and one of many "exfrienders" who previously supported Best Friends Animal Society.
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One Response to Censoring the News

  1. DJ says:

    I will be sure to do such a thing! As I bet my responses are to soon be deleted. c:

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