Who’s talking?

Very often, when a question or issue is brought up in the Dogtown forums, we see a very assuring and pretty response from one of the caregivers. However, some of these responses don’t really answer the question or state things that seem to be contradicted by other posts from BF. One caregiver posted on a dog’s history in the five months he’s been at one location, but we later found he had only been there for two months. In other cases they may sharply contradict reports from visitors, where the items were very simple and clear and difficult to misunderstand. They say certain dogs are getting walked often, yet the walk list for them is empty for weeks while showing others being walked.

Not all the posts, of course. But often the case where questions have grown to an issue. There are a number of people reporting that BF management has pressured some caregivers to make false posts and a few have given in to this.

Does you think this really happens, and how often? If so, what can we believe of what they say?


About exfriender

An animal lover and one of many "exfrienders" who previously supported Best Friends Animal Society.
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