The News is Theirs Alone

The notice here has now appeared at the end of the Best Friends News Blogs, in place of allowing comments from readers.

Apparently, their definition of “constructive dialogue” does not include either criticism or embarrassing questions. They now seem to admit this is from more than a single person, but the “few” they mention here were nearly half of those posting. This appears to be their next step, after Censoring the News .

The author here is Aileen Walden, from member services at Best Friends. She recently responded to a donor question on a dog there with, in part,

“He’s actually doing very well right now and has plenty of time on walks and gets personal attention from…”

Yet a repeat visitor to BF who knows the dog just reported that

“He’s shaking and hiding instead of running to see me. His eyes are all bloodshot and he looks like hell.”

But of course, this is a matter of opinion. Perhaps Aileen believes his eyes should be red? I guess that visitor is now a “disgruntled” individual?

So, for now at least, THEIR word is the LAST word. We wonder if BF will have their new system ready in time for the upcoming publicity campaign on their brand new Partners Training Program.


About exfriender

An animal lover and one of many "exfrienders" who previously supported Best Friends Animal Society.
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