The Carol Crocker Incident

A shelter story I heard about several months ago. It highlights some problem with local government that shelters have to deal with. But the part most relevant to this blog is in their relating just what happened when they tried turning to Best Friends for help, in the last link below. Several others later tried again with Best Friends, but to no avail.

Carrol Crocker’s Rescue

Amazing Carrol Crocker

The BFAS Response


About exfriender

An animal lover and one of many "exfrienders" who previously supported Best Friends Animal Society.
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One Response to The Carol Crocker Incident

  1. HonestyHelps says:

    I tried to help an elderly couple in Hemet, Ca when they were about to be arrested for contempt of court for not reducing their numbers of dogs they had rescued from the desert. Their house had burned, they didn’t even have a roof over their heads but the dogs were all in good shape. This couple spent all their money, Social Security, taking care of these dogs but no one wanted them. Best Fiends turned them away too but Katrina was immediately afterwards and Best Fiends did find room for those animals. Finally the dogs were taken away, many faced euthanization in the shelter and the elderly couple didn’t have to go to jail. Why were they turned away, no money, no sob story to solicit donations from. No one cared.

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