The Value of an Animals life

Much of the recent flurry on Best Friends’ response to Oreo’s Law has been discussed elsewhere. But, this one item stood out as so very simple and so utterly stupid, that I had to take note of it here.

BFAS Statement on Oreo’s Law

” We also felt the reporting requirement in Oreo’s Law was unrealistic for
some small rural shelters to meet”
Best Friends Animal Society

Response from Nathan Winograd

“In other words, the shelter would have simply had to post to a website that
the animal is scheduled to be killed, and one other method such as a mass
e-mail to rescue groups. Two strokes of a keyboard would have met the

…and another response from Pets Alive reads in part:

Being the Change

“Look…we owe our existence to Best Friends.  As do many other organizations I imagine.   We have been struggling with our feelings of disbelief and betrayal and disappointment over their role in all this, unsure of how to address it.  I was standing in line at the bookstore yesterday and I looked up to see the famous Ghandi quote:

Be the change you want to see in the world.

And I suddenly understood.  For us to remain silent in this means that we are doing exactly what Best Friends did…not pointing out to someone on our side that they are on the wrong side of this.  I guess where the wheels fall off the bus for me is that instead of admitting they screwed up and played politics with the lives of 25,000 animals, Best Friends decided to spin this and villify Nathan Winograd, one of their longtime supporters.

Looking over the debate on Facebook, they’re not really fooling anyone. “

There are a number of issues regarding the proposed Oreo’s Law, some rather debatable. However, this single item is so very crystal clear and simple, that one must really wonder about Best Friends Animal Society. Wonder if they are truly that dumb, or they just believe that their donors are.

For more discussion, see YesBiscuit’s blog:

Best Friends Animal Society and Oreo’s Law

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An animal lover and one of many "exfrienders" who previously supported Best Friends Animal Society.
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