The Challenge Cometh

Are you ready to make an impact? Just look the latest from Best Friends Animal Society:

Are You Up for a Challenge? Double Your Gift.
In the above from Best Friends they say,

A group of generous donors is challenging you to match their donation! They’re going to match your gift to Best Friends dollar for dollar until we have $100,000 to help homeless animals!


Because the number of special-needs animals coming to the Sanctuary for help has increased steadily over the past three years; 837 admitted in 2008, more than 1,000 admitted in 2009, and we’re on track for another 1,000 or more admitted this year.

Now, it’s been written many times that all donations to BF always go directly into their General Fund, and from there to anywhere…along with the rest of their $38 million dollars each year.

As for doubling your gift, Best Friends does already seem to double theirs, as Pets Alive said in Paying It Forward

Yes, Best Friends, this is true. Well MOST of it. It wasn’t a million dollars you spent here.

That bill, before it was waived, was just under $500,000.

And, the numbers of special-needs they claim to have helped out in 2008 approaches half the total number of animals at their Sanctuary then, but we know they’ve reduced that number in subsequent years, with visual counts from visitors substantiating this. So, how many animals do they have? We’ve already seen from Pets Alive that Best Friends doubles numbers, and Best Friends’ recent 3 Reasons to Meet the Match claims 1,700 animals. If that were true, then their goal above for another 1,000 or more admitted this year sounds a bit odd. Then, if we apply their doubling, Best Friends will admit many more animals to their Kanab Sanctuary then they will have or ever have had in the Sanctuary. What??

Now, are all special needs? Go visit them or read their forums or facebook pages for what people think they have seen there. Yes, they do have some special needs animals, but dozens and not thousands.

During the past few years, many who have contacted them were told they were filled up, yet they publicly denied this.  With people getting frustrated, this appeared on the BF forums:

posted 01/4/09 at 08:32P by jeffpopowich

Hello Everyone

My name is Jeff. I am the Animal Care Operations Manager here at Best Friends.
I read through most of this string and what I see is a group of people who just want to see that Rufus is happy, healthy and well cared for.
Our number one priority for all our sanctuary animals is to see that they have the best possible life while here with us, and hopefully get adopted into a permanent, loving home.
I can see that a few of you are frustrated, and I would love to help you out. Like I said, caring for our animals here is the number one priority. But we also care about our volunteers, visitors and yes, donors. Because without them, we wouldn’t be here.
So if any of you feel like talking, please don’t hesitate to call me. My number is 435-644-2001 x4860

While that forum centered on one dog, enough questions came in and enough donors left because of the answers, that we’ve never heard from Jeff again. But, we did hear from some people that spoke with him, and their message was simple:

To help animals three times as much, instead of BFAS, donate to your local shelter. There you can see where the money goes and you can see the animals that are helped. Real animals, not the often fabricated pretty stories from paid writers.

In my view, that is a The Challenge worth pursuing.

If you don’t think so, then please give a call to Jeff. Ask him about this and other articles you’ve read here. I’m sure he’ll convince you on the right direction to follow.


About exfriender

An animal lover and one of many "exfrienders" who previously supported Best Friends Animal Society.
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