BFAS Responds to Questions

YesBiscuit said in part:

Regarding the recent incident of a dog death at Best Friends, I contacted Patty Hegwood, Director of Animal Care at BFAS, for some clarifications on the information that has been put forth regarding the circumstances of the case. With her permission, I’m sharing the exchange below.

You can find and leave comments on the BFAS replies at

Q & A with Patty Hegwood of BFAS

Update 10/20: In that discussion, look for the comment posted by Thomas Cole. In there and his blogs, he speak of many things that much of the public rarely hears. We encourage all of you to follow his links and spend some time reading, and to tell your other animal friends about this. Don’t stop with just the below link, but check out the other issues and archives.

Training Fosters to Rehab

and, for a view of the current state of things,

How No Kill Failled This Dog – A True Story



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An animal lover and one of many "exfrienders" who previously supported Best Friends Animal Society.
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4 Responses to BFAS Responds to Questions

  1. mn says:

    Hi exfriender,
    Thanks for the links. I feel like I’m learning a lot for the first time.
    Have you got any new facts about BFAS incident? Since they closed the comments on the blog, I see the issue is quickly fading out… I highly doubt we will hear anything more from BFAS. Do you know how Denzel and Tug are recovering?
    Thank you.

    • exfriender says:

      From earlier last week they were in fair condition, with Denzel hooked up to drains. Then near the end of the week, double fencing was added to Tug’s run, which makes sense, as he was the one breaking out and in. It may be awhile before more news comes out, though I would have probably heard if it was bad, so I expect they are recovering.

      • dwf says:

        Hey exfriender,

        Like MN stated above, not much has been said/heard recently concerning the Vick pits last month. It is obvious that BF went into full damage control mode. I did however hear that the court was getting involved and sending out someone to check on the safety/conditions for the Vick pits? Which would explain why the repairs to the fencing were made so quickly. If this is not the case, I think they should be involved. BF clearly is not living up to their responsibilities. The more people are getting the real story/facts that are taking place at BF the better!

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