Welcome to: Best of Friends, Worst of Friends.

(This is a repost of a small portion of a short-lived blog that appeared last year. I copied these articles before it went offline. Unfortunately, the comments were not saved. The posts from this year are mine.)

The is about happenings at Best Friends Animal Society (BF), both at their Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah and their other activities.

The Sanctuary at Best Friends Animal Society is claimed to be the largest domestic animal shelter in the United States and is located in Southern Utah near the city of Kanab. While some conditions there are far better than many small shelters, they are not only that much larger, but also receive many times more in donations, and perhaps should be held to a somewhat higher standard.

On their website at Best Friends you will find many stories about the good that they do. However, some stories have omitted quite a few details and many others are not mentioned or discussed. We will let them speak of the good and here you will find the rest of the story.

During the past year BF has been deleting many posts on their Sanctuary Forums and has now started doing the same with their News Blogs. With that censoring, it is difficult or impossible for donors and interested parties to question or learn more about events and issues dealing with BF. This site will serve as an open area for discussion, where questions and opinions are not considered to be rants against people.

The goal here is not to tear down the good that is done, but to focus on honesty and integrity. To explore issues that have previously been silenced and to examine those that have repeated, again and again. Best Friends Animal Society is a charity that only exists with donations from people caring about animals. With this, they are responsible to their donors. With the items here we hope to keep many more of those donors better informed just how their money is spent and allow them to hear the honest feelings of many others. When single people call them with issues, they can be told anything and never know how many others have the same concerns, nor what stories they are told. Further, they can only rarely know what if anything was really done on their issues.

In the past, a few have pressed BF on issues and some have then simply walked away. With nobody else knowing what was discussed or what BF responded. For any here who do have discussions with BF, we hope that they will choose to share their information and feelings, so that others may benefit. If several hundred people call BF separately, little if anything may be done. But if they communicate with each other, some good may be accomplished.

We will not advocate any particular action regarding BF, but will hope that a large group of donors will press for improvements.

As for our policy, threats and obscenity will be removed, as will repeated posts. For items that are off-topic, we may remove them or suggest they be moved to a more appropriate area so that people are more likely to see them. Your opinions on all sides are welcome.